Email restkuapp[at]gmail[dot]com for help, feedback and requests.

What is the point of RESTku?

RESTku offers sample RESTful web services that mimic how actual web services behave. This can be used to test, develop and support actual web services that may not be easily accessible.

Can http(s) be used?

All web services can be accessed via http or https protocols.

What authentication methods are available?

Basic, Token and Bearer authentication methods are available. Note that authentication tokens are provided for testing purposes.

Can the web service be made to return 404/500 errors for some records?

Yes, within a web service branch.

What does 10:404,20:500 indicate for errors?

The number preceding the colon indicates the record number, and the number after the colon indicates the error type. In the above example, record 10 will return a 404 (Not Found) error and record 20 will return a 500 (Internal Server) error.

What is a branch?

A web service may contain multiple branches that contain errors, authentication methods etc.

What is a ku id?

A ku id has no meaning. It's used instead of user_id, product_id etc. to indicate that there is no meaning to the data as this is only for testing RESTful web service consumption.

I'd like to add a custom web service to test, is that possible?

Yes, email restkuapp[at]gmail[dot]com with the web service request and explanation and it may be added.